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I’ve been hearing a lot lately about a very nice beach in Anfeh, a must visit place in the North of Lebanon… we saw many photos over the social networks, and people talking about the beach on their blogs… until we finally went there, and we were really astonished by this amazing place. It’s a beach I have never seen like it before in Lebanon. In the past, it was simply a rocky beach shore in town, but people have changed it and turned it into a little Greek village, through painting it white and blue; knowing that it is an Eastern Orthodox Christian village; which explains the colors and mood.

We went to Anfeh at the end of September 2015, the weather was still very nice, sunny and not too hot and warm…just perfect for a swim and a light tan. You can go there, take your towel and lay at any available spot, and enjoy a swim in the beach and clean water. It’s one of the rare public beach/places in Lebanon which when you visit, you just feel like you have traveled to a totally different country. But believe it ! This is in Lebanon. There are many places you can visit in Anfeh, besides the beach, check it on their website:

Swim in the Beach of Anfeh-Al Koura Lebanon

Beach of Anfeh in Lebanon (3)

Best Beach in Lebanon - Anfeh Lebanon

Eastern Orthodox Christian village in the Koura Anfeh Lebanon

Enfeh Beach in Lebanon

The Little Greece in Lebanon - Anfeh in Koura

Places to Visit in Lebanon - Beach of Anfeh

Old Beach Houses in Enfeh Lebanon

Anfeh is a Greek Orthodox town in the northern Lebanese coast, 65 kilometers north of Beirut and just 15 kilometers south of Tripoli. With a population of approximately 6,500 souls, Anfeh actually is one big village, and more specifically, a fishing village since it has a large proportion of its residents as fishermen. What strikes a visitor to Anfeh is that this large village is a reminiscent of Greece. Not only because almost all of its inhabitants belong to the Greek Orthodox Church, but because the blue and white colors are seen everywhere.
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